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World Series of Video Games to Debut on CBS – December 30

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CBS Sports is about to launch the World Series of Video Games on December 30. The New York Times indicates that Counter Strike 1.6, Halo 2 and Quake 4 will be among the games played.

Dale's Comment: I was quite stoked about this announcement. I'd love to learn some new Halo 2 moves from Fatal1ty. That is, until I got to the fine print. Apparently CBS will only show snippets of actual game play because the content of the competitions are too violent for prime-time television.  How crazy is this!?  While I gather getting network coverage IS a step forward, this is the same-old, same-old network thinking! Who would want to watch something called the "World Series of Video Games" without being able to watch the actual competitions in their entirety!  Clearly network TV is not the right venue for this. This will have to head on over to cable in order for it to be successful in the long term.  

Sources: New York Times | IGN | Next Generation | Team Xbox | Business Wire | GameDaily.biz | Kotaku

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  • http://video-game-news-reviews.blogspot.com Video Game Nut

    They will play anything on TV! I am just sore because I want to get paid $250,000 to play video games 10 hours a day. Well I got the 10 hours a day down I will have to work on the money part!

  • Always Note

    Then again, There are a few other networks who are covering it. Looks Like two networks on Satelitte are covering it in most part right now. Does stink about not not having full components covered.