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Warner Bros. and BitTorrent Partner to Download Movies

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Warner Bros. and BitTorrent announced a partnership that will make Warner movies and television shows available for rental or purchase using peer-to-peer technology. The move makes Warner the first major studio to embrace BitTorrent technology, which has long been associated with the illicit swapping of video content. More than 200 WB movies and TV shows will be available this summer. New content will be available the same day DVDs are made available in stores.

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Note 1: BitTorrent and the MPAA had previously reached an agreement on November 23, 2005 whereby BitTorrent agreed to remove torrents for unlicensed movies from it's site. On that day BitTorrent (the company) became legitimate in the eyes of Hollywood.

Note 2: Of note, this distribution will use still another proprietary DRM system. See related article.

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  • James

    This is great but how much will all this cost I’m a student and I can’t afford all this, In new Zealand you pay NZ$39.95 for a new release movie that’s why kiwis pirate. The movie companies have there movies over priced if they had them for NZ$10 no one would even try to pirate and they would have more sales. Most of the time I don’t really want to keep the stuff I get.

    I think this is good you don’t have to go into a store and buy it or rent it and you have to make shore its in stock. You’re not paying for the box or the CD. They could even make them free by putting a small water mark in the corner like a coke logo, just like what discovery do with there logo. You see the movie companies could get rid of pricey if they really wanted to.

  • http://www.wrsap.com/ streaming movies

    This is quite good news to hear that now we can download movies at fast speed from different sources.