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TiVo Wins Injunction Against Echostar – Appeals Court Grants a Temporary Stay

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Text of Injunction Order
Note: I’ll post a better version of the order when I find one.
Following on TiVo’s $73.9 million victory at trial against Echostar last April, Echostar has been ordered to disable DVRs used by several million of its customers within 30 days. TiVo did NOT win the treble damages order it requested but it did win an additional $5.4 million in interest and $10.3 million more in supplemental damages bringing the amount to nearly $90 million. While Judge Folsom denied Echostar’s request to stay the injunction pending appeal, within hours of the ruling Echostar reports that the order has been temporarily stayed by the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Engadget Podcast (first 8 minutes) on the topic.

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