The iPhone – Wow!

This YouTube iPhone demo says it all! I want one!

I do have a few criticisms:

  • 8 Gigs is not enough RAM for the music and videos I’d want to carry around. 30 Gigs of storage would be my preferred minimum.
  • Cingular’s U.S. exclusivity.
  • No Canadian or other International carriers announced – though Rogers is a pretty good bet for Canada given its relationship with Yahoo! and nation-wide GSM coverage.
  • Walled-Garden – no third party apps will run on it – no SKYPE.
  • No WiFi VoIP announced.
  • EDGE only – no announced 3G support – though Steve said its planned and rumors are it already exists – until then, non-WiFi web access will be s … l … o …. w.
  • 5 hr battery life for phone or video or Internet seems a bit low for me (the 16 separate hours for audio is fine).

All that said, I still want one! Come on Rogers! Do a deal with Steve!

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  • Click here to view Jobs’ iPhone Keynote at MacWorld 2007.