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My Video Game Law Blog is Born Again

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As I had previously done with this iMedia Law Blog, I spent most of my spare time over the last 4 weeks converting my proprietary video game law site into a new WordPress-based Video Game Law Blog. Video game law is, of course, a subset of interactive media law. A subset that I care enough about to create an entirely separate blog for.

To date my Video Game Law Blog has more than 400 posts, categorized and tagged into 80ish topic groups down the right side. As with this blog it is fully searchable, users can comment on each post. A unique RSS feed for that blog (and unique feeds fore each of its individual categories/topics) is also available.

Please take a look if the video game industry is of interest to you. I hope you like it.

Link: Video Game Law Blog

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  • http://creditrabbit.com AndreaZales

    Nice to see it going again!