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Microsoft & Viodentia Play Cat & Mouse with DRM-Circumvention Tool FairUse4WM

Categories: DRM Arms RaceDRM Circumvention

Microsoft has been playing cat and mouse with the creator of FairUse4WM, a lone programmer who calls himself Viodentia. FairUse4WMV was first released by Viodentia on the Internet on August 19. Engadget first broke the story on August 25th. Microsoft released its first fix on August 28, but that was thwarted three days later by the release of an updated version of FairUse4WM. As of this posting, no new Microsoft fix has been released. In the mean time broadcaster BSkyB has stopped its broadband movie download service until Microsoft secures its DRM system. Other content download services such as Movielink, RealNetworks and MTV's Urge service use Microsoft's PlayforSure technology and are equally vulnerable.

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BSkyB Suspends Use of Microsoft DRM: Times Online | The Register

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