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Microsoft Sues Viodentia – Viodentia Responds with a Software Update

Categories: DRM Arms Race

  Text of Microsoft v. Viodentia Complaint (Sept 22, 2006)
Microsoft filed a lawsuit in federal court against "John Does 1-10," for breaking their PlaysForSure DRM software. Viodentia – the pseudonym for the person that created FairUse4WM is, of course, the prime target for this lawsuit. Viodentia's response was to issue version 1.3 of the DRM-cracking software.

Law Suit Story Sources: Engadget | ars technica | ZDNet | Seattlepi.com | CNet | DRM Watch

Engadget Interview with Viodentia (pre-lawsuit): Engadget

Viodentia Response to Lawsuit: Engadget

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