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Fox and It’s Affiliates Agree to Share Revenue from TV Reruns on the Internet

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Fox network has signed a six-year agreement with its 187 affiliated stations that will let it show reruns of its television programs on the Internet. The affiliates will be paid 12.5% after costs and Fox will be able to make 60 percent of its prime-time schedule available online the morning after the shows air.

Sources: Reuters  |  TechCrunch  |  L.A. Times  |  Business Week  |  Red Herring  |  Related ars technica April 25, 2006 article.
Dale’s Comment: While networks making limited amounts of content available over the Internet is all the rage these days, what is particularly interesting about this development is that this is the first long term, comprehensive revenue share deal by a major network with its affiliates on how they will share revenues derived from Internet sales of a substantial portion of network content. The exclusive rights granted to network affiliates and to syndicated content purchasers have long been a sticking point for networks that were otherwise interested in making their back catalogue of content available to consumers over the Internet. This could be an important precedent for the eventual availability of all network content over the Internet.

TiVo, flush with your victory over Echostar, PLEASE negotiate a deal with Fox, and the other networks, so we can purchase reruns via iVOD through our TiVos! :) I for one, would love to order up the first two Seasons of The West Wing that I missed years ago.

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