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Dutch Court Rules ISPs Need Not Disclose File Swapper IDs

Categories: BigMedia v. P2P UsersDecisions

English Version of Earlier July 12, 2005 District Court of Utrecht Decision
The Dutch appeals court upheld an earlier District Court of Utrecht Ruling that the method used by the MediaSentry software used to collect IP addresses of alleged Dutch P2P file shares had no lawful basis under European privacy laws. The software scans shared folders on the suspect's hard drive. The Dutch anti-piracy organization, Brein, had requested that 5 Dutch ISPs disclose the name and address of the users of IP addresses identified by the MediaSentry. As is the case with RIAA-initiated lawsuits in the United States, Brein would have used that information to bring copyright infringement actions against the alleged file sharers.

Sources: The Register | CD Freaks | DigitalMusicWeblog | TelcomPaper | Michael Geist

Dale's Comment: If anyone has access to an English copy of the Appeals Court decision, please send a copy to me and I will post it here.

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