End of the Road

end of the road There comes a time when a blogger must acknowledge that enthusiasm for a topic has waned and its time to bring things to an end. The air left my sail’s for this iMedia Law Blog when the MP3 DRM battles ended successfully in 2008.

Michael Geist is doing more for consumer protection and copyright law reform in Canada than I could ever hope to achieve. Consumer-friendly copyright law reform seems next to impossible at this time. The best we can hope to achieve in the near term is the status quo. No copyright reform is better than regressive copyright reform. Thankfully, some good is coming out of the current political crisis in Canada – a legislative stalemate.

For the foreseeable future, my blogging efforts will be focused on The Daleisphere. Please join me there.

The rest of my spare time is being channeled into hobbyist iPhone application development and my wishhh.com service.

I will keep this blog up and running in its current state. I’ll respond to comments, edit posts as events merit and perhaps make a new post now and again.

Thanks for following me here. Cheers.

Temporary Hiatus While Developing Wishhh.com

My iMedia law blog is on a temporary hiatus. I have been developing a new, family-friendly, wishlist service called wishhh.com. It is in the final stages of beta testing with friends and family. I expect to launch publicly in early to mid December – with Facebook integration to follow. The service will be free for anyone to use. Here’s the site description from the splash screen:

establish private wishhh groups for the exclusive use of your family, friends, classmates, teammates, colleagues, worship group, whatever… invite others to participate in your groupspost wishhhes and ‘don’t wants’ for group members to seelink wishhhes to details on other websites tag another member’s wishhhes as ‘granted’ or ‘reserved’ pending purchase – without that person’s knowledge (… shhh!!!… it’s a secret) so other members won’t grant the same wishhh protect your children by using wishhh.com’s oversight functionsreceive only the gifts you really want

I do intend to resume blogging later this year or in early 2008. Thank you for your patience. And, please do visit wishhh.com after launch.


Oops! – Please Update Your Link to my Video Game Law Blog Feed

My apologies. I’m still working out the kinks with my new blogging tool – WordPress.

I noticed that RSS feed subscriptions to my iMedia Law Blog were off the charts but nobody was subscribing to my Video Game Law Blog RSS feed. It turns out that a faulty cut-and-paste on my part redirected everyone attempting to subscribe to the Video Game Law RSS feed to my iMedia Law Blog feed by mistake. Oops! For those wanting to subscribe to my video game law blog RSS feed, the proper link is below:

Proper Link: RSS Feed to Video Game Law Blog

My Video Game Law Blog is Born Again

As I had previously done with this iMedia Law Blog, I spent most of my spare time over the last 4 weeks converting my proprietary video game law site into a new WordPress-based Video Game Law Blog. Video game law is, of course, a subset of interactive media law. A subset that I care enough about to create an entirely separate blog for.

To date my Video Game Law Blog has more than 400 posts, categorized and tagged into 80ish topic groups down the right side. As with this blog it is fully searchable, users can comment on each post. A unique RSS feed for that blog (and unique feeds fore each of its individual categories/topics) is also available.

Please take a look if the video game industry is of interest to you. I hope you like it.

Link: Video Game Law Blog