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Morpheus’ Maker Streamcast Sues eBay over Right of First Refusal

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Streamcast claims in a lawsuit filed Monday in the U.S. Central District Court in Los Angeles that Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, the duo who developed the technology behind the company’s Kazaa and Skype, of breaking an agreement to give StreamCast the first right to purchase their FastTrack peer-to-peer protocol. StreamCast is seeking more than $4 billion in damages.

CNet | USA Today (AP) | ars technica

Note: Streamcast has become quite litiguous of late. In April Streamcast turned about-face and chose to battle the RIAA and the MPAA despite earlier statements to the contrary. See earlier related stories posted on April 10, 2006.

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Microsoft Tells Device Makers, We’ll Foot Your Legal Bills

Categories: Agreements

Microsoft lifted caps on the amount of legal fees it would reimburse to makers of embedded devices that are sued for intellectual property infringement as a result of licensing Mircrosoft software. Microsoft also said it would indemnify device makers against trade-secrets lawsuits, in addition to patent, copyright, and trademark suits.

Sources: Information Week  |  Linux Devices  |  Internet News

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BitTorrent and MPAA Reach Agreement

Categories: AgreementsBigMedia v P2P ProvidersiVOD/iTVMilestonesSettlements

BitTorrent and the MPAA reach an agreement under which unlicensed copyright movies will be expeditiously removed from BitTorrent.com's recently launched search engine

Sources: Wired | ZDNet | Reuters | BBC | The Register | Los Angeles Times | Forbes

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Netflix “indefinitely postpones” Online Movie Download Service

Categories: AgreementsBig Media v InternetBigMedia v NewTech

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings confirmed they had “indefinitely” postponed the test launch of that new online movie download service they’ve been testing owing to problems getting the studios to agree to license their content.

Sources: Engadget  |  ars technica  |  PVR Blog  |  Video Business

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The New Music Download Battle

Categories: AgreementsNew Business Models

After finally discovering that money (lots of it) can be made from music downloads, the RIAA and some of its members are rethinking the entire concept, and the iTunes deal in particular. At least a few RIAA members think that Apple is double-dipping, because it makes most of its money selling the iPod and, well, that’s not fair! So the music companies are rethinking—uh, complaining about—the whole downloading model.
Source: John C. Dvorak

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