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Category — Piracy

New Debate for French Piracy Law

Categories: International Legal ReformPiracy

The French government is trying again to push through a measure cracking down on file-sharing on the internet. Enemies of the move in France’s National Assembly passed an amendment in December allowing users to download as much as they like for a small fee.

Source: BBC

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RIAA’s Next Big Target: Russia

Categories: BigMedia v P2P ProvidersDRM-Free ServicesLobbyingPiracy

Certain regions remain outside the RIAA's and IFPI's sphere of influence. One of those is Russia. A number of music download services operate out of that country, including the well-known AllofMP3.com. None of them have the blessing of the IFPI or any of the labels to offer music for sale, yet they have been given the green light to stay in business by Russian law enforcement. Now the RIAA is attempting to gain the support of the US government in its fight against the Russian music download services.

Source: ars technica

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Piracy Fears Threaten Hollywood Innovation

Categories: BigMedia v NewTechPiracy

Digital technology will eventually force big changes in how Hollywood sells movies, but security remains a key stumbling block. But before that can ever happen, Hollywood would need strict anti-copying guarantees.
Source: ZDNet

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Hollywood Wins DVD-Copying Case

Categories: BigMedia v NewTechCasesDecisionsDMCA-like LawsDRM & TPMsDRM CircumventionPiracy

Text of Partial Summary Judgment
EFF Archive of Pleadings
Judge Susan Illston of the Northern District Federal Court for California sided with the Motion Picture Association of America, which claimed that 321 Studios’ DVD-X Copy and DVD Copy Plus software violate copyright law. The company, based in St. Charles, Missouri, must stop “manufacturing, distributing or otherwise trafficking in any type of DVD circumvention software” in seven days.
Sources: Wired 1 | Wired 2 | Ferrago | Findlaw.com | Out-law.com

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Makers Of File-Sharing Software Bolster Efforts To Mask Users’ Identities

Categories: BigMedia v P2P ProvidersBigMedia v. P2P UsersDRM Arms RacePiracy

Vendors are rerouting connections through proxy servers and using firewalls and encryption to thwart efforts by the recording industry to sue online music swappers.
Source: Information Week

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Small Companies Legally Thrive On Internet Piracy

Categories: BigMedia v P2P ProvidersBigMedia v. P2P UsersPiracy

There’s a budding cottage industry devoted to thwarting file-sharing and other Internet piracy.

Sources: Information Week

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Program Lets P2P Users Roam Free with PeerGuardian

Categories: BigMedia v P2P ProvidersDRM Arms RaceDRM CircumventionPiracy

A new “cloaking” application that protects individuals from network snooping is making the rounds among file traders, marking the latest salvo in the increasingly volatile battle between music labels and file traders.

Sources: Wired | Wikipedia | Phoenix Labs – Home of PeerGuardian

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Canada Blocks Free Net TV – iCrave TV

Categories: Big Media v InternetiVOD/iTVPiracy

Canadian regulators ruled that it is illegal to put broadcast TV signals onto the Internet without permission, dashing the hopes of entrepreneurs hoping to create new Net TV businesses.

Sources: CNet | WikiPedia

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