Weird Al Yankovic’s New Single: Don’t Download this Song

Click Here to Download the Song (MP3)

To a melody quite reminiscent of "We are the World" (hum… any copyright violations there?), the irreverent Weird Al Yankovic has come out with a new single entitled: "Don't Download this Song" and promptly makes it available for download without any DRM/TPM restrictions. Some choice lyrics:

"Cause you'll start out stealing songs, but then you're robbing liquor stores and selling crack and running over school kids with your car"

"It doesn’t matter if you’re a grandma or a seven year-old girl, they’ll treat you like the evil, hard bitten criminal scum you are."

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Jon Stewart Lampoons Sen. Ted Stevens on Net Neutrality

In this YouTube clip, Jon Stewart lampoon’s Senator Steven’s (R-Alaska) ‘Net Neutrality comments. Stewart goes on to lampoon recent Congressional Internet gambling debates and then humorously links the two.

Note: For a more serious discussion of Senator Steven’s comments (including Sen. Steven’s full commentary), you can listen to the “This Week in Tech” podcast that I linked-to on July 3, 2006.

Form Letter from Apple’s Legal Department Makes 3rd Grader Cry

Form Letter from Apple’s Legal Department Makes 3rd Grader Cry
April 14, 2006
Well, strictly speaking this is not an iMedia law story but I found it amusing. A third grader wrote a letter to Steve Jobs as part of a school project suggesting how Apple could improve its iPod. The family gathered round the response only to see the girl burst into tears and run to her room after reading the form letter response sent by Apple’s legal department warning her not to submit unsolicited product suggestions in the future. Apple’s legal department is now reviewing its policy on how it responds to children! 🙂

Source: ars technica