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The Year of Living DRMishly

Categories: DRM AnalysisPolicy Analysis

This year may be the year that gadget makers finally conquer the living room, replacing DVD players, VCRs and personal video recorders with all-in-one media devices that serve up HDTV, pre-recorded movies and digital music. If so, it will likely also be the year that people learn the meaning of DRM, an acronym the industry says stands for digital rights management, but critics say should stand for digital restrictions mongering.

Source: Wired

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UK Watchdog Howls at DRM Woes

Categories: DMCA-like LawsDRM AnalysisInternational Legal ReformPolicy Analysis

Text of NCC submission to all-party Internet group inquiry into DRM
The UK’s National Consumer Council (NCC) is calling for new laws to better protect consumer rights when it comes to enjoying digital content.

Sources: PC Pro | vnunet.com | Inquirer | BBC | Macworld | Politics.co.uk

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DMCA Triennial Rulemaking: Failing Consumers Completely

Categories: CopyrightDMCA-like LawsDRM AnalysisPolicy Analysis

In this report the EFF describes why it believes that the third triennial DMCA rulemaking, currently underway before the U.S. Copyright Office, does not effectively address the concerns of American digital media consumers.


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UK Inquiry into DRM and the Law

Categories: CopyrightDMCA-like LawsDRM AnalysisInternational Legal ReformNew TechPolicy Analysis

The All Party Parliamentary Internet Group (APIG) is to hold a public inquiry into the issues surrounding Digital Rights Management (DRM), including the degree of protection needed for both copyright holders and consumers.

The Register | APIG

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Digital Rights Mismanagement

Categories: AntitrustDRM AnalysisDRM as Market LockPolicy Analysis

How Apple, Microsoft, and Sony cash in on piracy prevention by using it as an anti-competitive, anti-consumer means to lock customers in. All the while, a threat of legal sanctions hang over anyone wanting to break, or anyone willing to assist them in breaking, those locks to move their ‘purchased’ content to a competitive platform or service.


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