Movie Critic, Paul Sherman, Pleads Guilty to Pirating DVDs

Boston Herald movie critic, Paul Sherman, was arrested and charged with selling over 100 “screeners”—preview copies of movies on DVD handed out to reviewers—to various pirate groups over the last few years. He was paid US$4,714 for the use of his screeners. He faces a maximum penalty of US$250,000 and three years in prison. He will be sentenced in October.

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Another WiFi Arrest – this time in Vancouver Washington

Alexander Eric Smith was arrested after a three-month stretch where he periodically parked in front of a coffee shop off-and-on with a laptop and used its wireless Internet connection.

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Dale’s Comment: Still another arrest for another victimless crime. See my comments to a similar story on March 23, 2006. In this particular case, if the coffee shop wanted to ensure against external users, then they should have used password access control. Otherwise, if people make their wireless access available without protection, passers-by should be entitled to use it.

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BitTorrent Site Raided – Servers Seized

The site was raided by Swedish law enforcement and its server farms confiscated. Three were arrested. It’s servers host only .torrent files, not actual copyrighted material. As a tracker site,’s function is to index .torrent files and to direct BitTorrent traffic and maintain the swarm (uploads and downloads).The legality of indirectly linking to copyrighted material has apparently not yet been tested by Swedish courts.

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Dale’s Comment: Another one down, infinite tracker sites to go!! But is it? The day after the raid, The Pirate Bay promised to be up and running again within days – in another country. I’ll keep you posted.

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German Police Charge Thousands in eDonkey Raids

German authorities searched over 130 premises of alleged eDonkey pirates in Cologne and Bergheim on Tuesday. Police have charged thousands of eDonkey users alleging they were sharing up to 8,000 copyrighted works. The individuals face large fines of up to $19K and even jail time.

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Spanish Police Target BitTorrent & eDonkey Sites

The global campaign against BitTorrent and eDonkey2000 indexing sites continues. In apparently the first Spanish action of its kind, Spanish police arrested 15 administrators/owners related to 17 BitTorrent and eDonkey2000 indexing sites. While the sites themselves are located outside of Spain, the Spanish-resident operators were the target of the arrests.

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P2P Shut Downs and Settlements in South Korea and Europe

Legal actions have taken place recently that put dents in P2P file sharing around the world. The South Korean file-sharing network Soribada announced on Monday that it has agreed to a settlement with KAPP (the Korean equivalent of RIAA in the US) related to charges of copyright infringement before that country’s Central District Court. Soribada will pay KAPP the sum of KRW 8.5 Billion (US $8.7 Million) to end the dispute.

Source: DMR Watch