Federal Circuit CA Blocks TiVo Injunction Against Echostar Pending Appeal

TiVo won a $74M patent infringement case against Echostar on April 13, 2006. On August 18, TiVo won an injunction preventing Echostar from making and selling infringing DVRs. The injunction was immediately stayed by the Court of Appeal. Today, the injunction was stayed indefinately pending Echostar’s appeal. This means that Echostar will not have to disable its several million deployed PVRs. “There is a substantial case” for EchoStar’s appeal, concluded Circuit Judge William C. Bryson and Echostar would be harmed if it had to shut down. The ruling wasn’t based on the merits of Echostar’s ultimate case.

Dale’s Comment: I can’t say this was unexpected. Disappointing, but not unexpected.

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TiVo Wins Injunction Against Echostar – Appeals Court Grants a Temporary Stay

Text of Injunction Order
Note: I’ll post a better version of the order when I find one.
Following on TiVo’s $73.9 million victory at trial against Echostar last April, Echostar has been ordered to disable DVRs used by several million of its customers within 30 days. TiVo did NOT win the treble damages order it requested but it did win an additional $5.4 million in interest and $10.3 million more in supplemental damages bringing the amount to nearly $90 million. While Judge Folsom denied Echostar’s request to stay the injunction pending appeal, within hours of the ruling Echostar reports that the order has been temporarily stayed by the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Engadget Podcast (first 8 minutes) on the topic.

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Grokster Shuttered in Court Settlement

Text of Supreme Court Grokster Decision
File-sharing software vendor, Grokster, agrees to permanent injunction against copyright infringement after its recent U.S. Supreme Court loss.

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Macrovision Wins Injunction Against 321 Studios

EFF Archive of Pleadings
Macrovision Corporation announced that it has won a preliminary injunction against the sale of widely-distributed DVD cloning products sold by 321 Studios LLC (“321 Studios”) under the name “DVD X Copy”. Judge Richard Owen of the Federal Court for the Southern District of New York issued the injunction on May 11, 2004 prohibiting 321 from selling various versions of its DVD copying software and their functional equivalents.
Sources: Digital Designer | Macrovision Press Release