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RIAA Sends Cease and Desist Letters to Youtube/Google Video Users

Categories: Big Media v InternetBigMedia v NewTechBigMedia v. P2P UsersCease & DesistiVOD/iTV

Post a few seconds of you or your friends dancing to an RIAA-member song on YouTube or Google Video? Expect a cease and desist letter from the RIAA.

Sources: ars technica | techdirt

Dale's Comment: I wonder how the RIAA is going to justify how a video of my sister contorting to the Chicken Dance is going to hurt their members' bottom lines.

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Lyrics Dustup Ends in Apology

Categories: Big Media v InternetBigMedia v NewTechCease & Desist

Warner Chappel Music apologizes for cease and desist letter sent to software programmer to pull the PearLyrics application that displays lyrics when a song is being played in iTunes.

Sources: Wired | Red Herring | The Register | MacWorld | EFF’s Dec 13 Letter to Warner | PearLyrics Website

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P2P Companies to Exit Business as RIAA Cease and Desist Letters Flow

Categories: BigMedia v P2P ProvidersCasesCease & Desist

Several makers of popular P2P file sharing software have received cease-and-desist letters from the RIAA, and some of them are in the process of shutting down or selling themselves at bargain-basement prices to other companies.

Sources: DRM Watch | CNet | Billboard

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