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New TiVo Function to Copy TV shows onto iPods and Sony PSP Devices

Categories: Digital TViVOD/iTVNew Tech

TiVo Inc. is expanding its video recording service so users will be able to transfer recorded TV shows onto Apple Computer’s iPods or Sony’s PlayStation Portable.

Sources: Forbes | CED | New York Times | Los Angeles Times | PVR Wire | CNN | ABC News | TVPredictions.com | GameSpot | Joystiq | GamaSutra

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TiVo to Conduct Video Download Trial

Categories: iVOD/iTV

After TiVo/Netflix iVoD venture fails due to lack of content owner co-operation, TiVo to conduct first Internet video download trial.

Sources: TiVo  |  PVR Blog

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TV on Demand From NBC, CBS — But Not For iPod

Categories: iVOD/iTV

NBC and CBS unveiled separate plans on Monday to make some of their hottest prime-time shows available for viewers to watch at their leisure — without commercials — for 99 cents an episode, throwing open the door to “on-demand” television.

Sources: Reuters | Wired

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Canada Blocks Free Net TV – iCrave TV

Categories: Big Media v InternetiVOD/iTVPiracy

Canadian regulators ruled that it is illegal to put broadcast TV signals onto the Internet without permission, dashing the hopes of entrepreneurs hoping to create new Net TV businesses.

Sources: CNet | WikiPedia

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