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TiVo Continues to Fight the Good Cablecard/Ingegration Ban Fight

Categories: BigMedia v NewTechDigital TVFCC

More than ten years ago, Congress passed an act requiring cable companies to adopt the CableCard technology. The FCC has promulgated C.F.R. 76.1204(a)(1), requiring cable operators to implement CableCard technology into their set-top boxes. After failing in their court challenges to invalidate the law/rules, the cable industry has repeatedly asked for, and been given, extensions to deadline. Last year, the FCC mandated a final deadline of July 1, 2007 once and for all. In keeping with their stalling tactics, Charter, Verizon, Comcast and the NCTA have, again, requested varying waivers from this mandate. Since TiVo's Series 3 product relies on the cablecard standard, TiVo opposes these waiver petitions and is lobbying hard to thwart these requests so as to to firmly establish the Cablecard standard. I, for one, support TiVo whole-heartedly. Enough is enough.

Sources: Engadget | ZatzNotFunny.com | TiVo's Oct. 13 Letter to the FCC | Gizmodo

Discussed here: TiVoCommunity

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US TV Networks Appeal After $4m FCC Indecency Clampdown

Categories: FCC

ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX, together with their affiliate groups and the Hearst-Argyle Television group of stations, have filed appeals in various federal courts challenging the FCC’s indecency standards and put out a statement this week to say so, decrying the record $4m of FCC fines made during the course of last month.

Sources: New York Times  |  The Register  |  First Amendment Center  |  Jurist

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FCC Releases 12th Annual Report on the Status of Competition in the Video Programming Market

Categories: Digital TVFCCPolicy AnalysisSatellite Radio

Text of 12th Annual Report

This annual report is a comprehensive overview of competition in the cable, satellite, OTA, wireless and related markets. If you want a solid overview of the regulatory environment for these industries, this report is a terrific place to start.

Coverage: WJLA ABC 7 News | The State Cathy Kirkman | Feb 10, 2006 FCC Press Release [.doc]

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‘V-Chip 2.0′ Turns On In March

Categories: Digital TVFCC

Beginning on March 15, the FCC says it will require all new products with digital television receivers – including TVs, video recorders and set-top boxes – to incorporate parental control capabilities by way of a new “open” version of the V-chip that can be reprogrammed to adapt to changing standards.

Sources: PC Magazine  |  ABC News  |  Engadget

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FCC Modifies Digital Tuner Requirements to Advance DTV Transition

Categories: Digital TVFCC

Text of Second Report and Order
Text of FCC Press Release
The FCC amended its rules to move the date on which all TV receivers must include the capability to receive digital television signals forward four months to March 1, 2007 and to apply the tuner requirement to all television receivers, regardless of their size.

Source: DTV Design Line

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FCC ignores MPAA, NFL; OK’s new TiVoGuard

Categories: BigMedia v NewTechBroadcast FlagDigital TVFCCNew Business Models

In a 5-0 vote, the commission said TiVoGuard and the other copyright control technologies approved Wednesday adhere to the “broadcast flag” copyright protection regulations the FCC approved last year.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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