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Windows Vista Proofed against Video Piracy

Categories: BigMedia v NewTechBroadcast FlagDigital TVDRM Restricting UseHD-DVD/Blu-rayHDMI/HDCP/ICTPrivacy

Windows Vista (formerly Longhorn) will contain anti-video-piracy technologies. Vista will only output HD signals via protected connections such as HDMI and Firewire.

Source: silicon.com

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FCC’s Broadcast Flag Overturned

Categories: Broadcast FlagDecisionsDigital TV

Text of Decision
The U.S. Federal court strikes down regs that would limit viewers’ ability to record and copy over-the-air hi-def TV programs.

Sources: PC World | New York Times | Wired | CNet News | DRM Watch | EFF | See also: EFF Broadcast Flag Page

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Copyright Protection of Digital Television: The “Broadcast Flag”

Categories: Broadcast FlagDigital TV

FCC ignores MPAA, NFL; OK’s new TiVoGuard

Categories: BigMedia v NewTechBroadcast FlagDigital TVFCCNew Business Models

In a 5-0 vote, the commission said TiVoGuard and the other copyright control technologies approved Wednesday adhere to the “broadcast flag” copyright protection regulations the FCC approved last year.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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