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The Three Most Deadly Letters at CES and MacWorld: DRM

Categories: BigMedia v NewTechDRM Restricting Use

[At CES] … we often got is the word “can’t” applied to the things we really wanted to legally do. If we wanted to put our DVD into a storage device and manage them like we do our music files, well there are a number of illegal ways to do that but no real legal ways today. If we wanted to take music we purchased from iTunes and listen to it on the leading home player the Sonos we can’t do that at all. If we wanted to take music we legally downloaded using a Microsoft “Plays for Sure” service and play it in every room in the house at the same time for a party, well we can’t do that either even if we use all Microsoft offerings.

Source: TG Daily

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Coldplay Can’t Play

Categories: Artists Against DRMBigMedia v NewTechDRM Restricting Use

Coldplay’s new CD comes with onerous DRM limitations

Consumer Affairs | Murmurs | Red Herring | PC Pro | CD Freaks | DVD-Recordable

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Lyrics Dustup Ends in Apology

Categories: Big Media v InternetBigMedia v NewTechCease & Desist

Warner Chappel Music apologizes for cease and desist letter sent to software programmer to pull the PearLyrics application that displays lyrics when a song is being played in iTunes.

Sources: Wired | Red Herring | The Register | MacWorld | EFF’s Dec 13 Letter to Warner | PearLyrics Website

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Canadian XM & Sirius Satellite Radio Receivers Won’t be Locked Down as earlier Reported

Categories: Big Media Makes ProgressBigMedia v NewTechNew Business ModelsRegion CodingSatellite Radio

Contrary to earlier reports XM & Sirius digital satellite receivers bought in the U.S. will not be locked down in Canada.

Digital Home Canada

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Sirius S50 has been (siriusly) crippled by the RIAA

Categories: BigMedia v NewTechDRM Restricting UseSatellite Radio

Engadget asserts that the Sirius S50, which has a claimed 50 hours of audio storage and scheduled digital recordings, has been cut down in the prime of life by an overbearing RIAA that has limited the player to 20 scheduled recordings, each a maximum length of two hours.

Engadget  |  Mobile Mag

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Netflix “indefinitely postpones” Online Movie Download Service

Categories: AgreementsBig Media v InternetBigMedia v NewTech

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings confirmed they had “indefinitely” postponed the test launch of that new online movie download service they’ve been testing owing to problems getting the studios to agree to license their content.

Sources: Engadget  |  ars technica  |  PVR Blog  |  Video Business

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Windows Vista Proofed against Video Piracy

Categories: BigMedia v NewTechBroadcast FlagDigital TVDRM Restricting UseHD-DVD/Blu-rayHDMI/HDCP/ICTPrivacy

Windows Vista (formerly Longhorn) will contain anti-video-piracy technologies. Vista will only output HD signals via protected connections such as HDMI and Firewire.

Source: silicon.com

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Diamond Rio Obituary

Categories: BigMedia v NewTechDecisionsMilestones

Text of RIAA v. DMS
D&M Sells off the remaining Rio IP. The Diamond Rio was the first MP3 player. Without the Diamond Rio and its successful defence against the RIAA’s lawsuit, we may not have iPods / iTunes, downloadable music and portable music players today.
Source: Engadget

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Blu-ray Disc Association Outlines Content Protection

Categories: BigMedia v NewTechDRM & TPMsHD-DVD/Blu-ray

The members of the Blu-ray Disc Association, a consortium for development of the upcoming Blu-ray media format, have announced the medium’s planned features for protection of content
Source: Gamasutra

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Piracy Fears Threaten Hollywood Innovation

Categories: BigMedia v NewTechPiracy

Digital technology will eventually force big changes in how Hollywood sells movies, but security remains a key stumbling block. But before that can ever happen, Hollywood would need strict anti-copying guarantees.
Source: ZDNet

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MPAA Wins Settlement in DVD Copy Case – Shuts Down 321 Studios

Categories: BigMedia v NewTechDRM CircumventionSettlements

The settlement, announced Tuesday, concludes more than two years of courtroom wrestling over the legality of 321′s DVD-copying software, which ultimately led federal judges in New York and California to order the product removed from store shelves.
Source: CNet

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FCC ignores MPAA, NFL; OK’s new TiVoGuard

Categories: BigMedia v NewTechBroadcast FlagDigital TVFCCNew Business Models

In a 5-0 vote, the commission said TiVoGuard and the other copyright control technologies approved Wednesday adhere to the “broadcast flag” copyright protection regulations the FCC approved last year.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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Macrovision Wins Injunction Against 321 Studios

Categories: BigMedia v NewTechCasesDRM CircumventionInjunctions

EFF Archive of Pleadings
Macrovision Corporation announced that it has won a preliminary injunction against the sale of widely-distributed DVD cloning products sold by 321 Studios LLC (“321 Studios”) under the name “DVD X Copy”. Judge Richard Owen of the Federal Court for the Southern District of New York issued the injunction on May 11, 2004 prohibiting 321 from selling various versions of its DVD copying software and their functional equivalents.
Sources: Digital Designer | Macrovision Press Release

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Hollywood Wins DVD-Copying Case

Categories: BigMedia v NewTechCasesDecisionsDMCA-like LawsDRM & TPMsDRM CircumventionPiracy

Text of Partial Summary Judgment
EFF Archive of Pleadings
Judge Susan Illston of the Northern District Federal Court for California sided with the Motion Picture Association of America, which claimed that 321 Studios’ DVD-X Copy and DVD Copy Plus software violate copyright law. The company, based in St. Charles, Missouri, must stop “manufacturing, distributing or otherwise trafficking in any type of DVD circumvention software” in seven days.
Sources: Wired 1 | Wired 2 | Ferrago | Findlaw.com | Out-law.com

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