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BPI Finally Recommends Legalizing the Copying of Purchased Music for Personal Use

Categories: Big Media Makes ProgressFair Use/Dealing

The BPI, the body that represents British record companies, believes copyright on CDs and records should be changed to allow consumers to copy music if it is for personal use. Currently, it is technically illegal for anyone to copy a CD onto their computer for the purposes of downloading music onto their own portable music player.

Sources: Telegraph Co. UK  |  ars technica  |  The Register  |  P2PNet  |  Macworld  |  PC Advisor
Dale’s Comment: While this is a long-over-due recommendation, it amounts to nothing more than a token tilt towards consumer fair use/fair dealing rights. As music distribution models switch from CDs to electronic distribution of music protected by DRM and TPMs, the consumer will shortly be right back in the same place – having no legal way to copy their purchased music into alternative formats. U.K. laws implementing the WIPO Copyright Treaty will make it illegal to defeat the DRM/TPMs (that all future music will be wrapped in) thus effectively taking-away with one law what U.K. consumers might finally achieve of any such change to the U.K. Copyright Act is made.

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