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Posts from — December 2005

Sony Settles Class Action Law Suits over Rootkit DRM

Categories: Intrusive TPMs - RootkitsSettlements

Text of Proposed Settlement Agreement
A proposed settlement of lawsuits against Sony BMG Music Entertainment would let some consumers receive free music downloads to compensate them for Sony surreptitiously including spyware on millions of CDs, lawyers said Thursday.

Sources: Red Herring | Business Week | Washington Post | ars Technica | MSNBC | Information Week | Forbes | The Register | Seattle Post Intelligencer

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RIAA’s Next Big Target: Russia

Categories: BigMedia v P2P ProvidersDRM-Free ServicesLobbyingPiracy

Certain regions remain outside the RIAA's and IFPI's sphere of influence. One of those is Russia. A number of music download services operate out of that country, including the well-known AllofMP3.com. None of them have the blessing of the IFPI or any of the labels to offer music for sale, yet they have been given the green light to stay in business by Russian law enforcement. Now the RIAA is attempting to gain the support of the US government in its fight against the Russian music download services.

Source: ars technica

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Elliot Spitzer to Investigate Online Music Price Fixing

Categories: AntitrustInvestigationsNew Business Models

New York’s attorney general is investigating whether the four record companies that dominate the industry have violated antitrust laws in the pricing of songs sold online, according to people involved in the inquiry.

Sources: CNET | CNN | L.A. Times | MSN Money | MSNBC | Chicago Tribune | BBC | Techtree

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Texas Saddles Another Claim On Sony

Categories: CasesIntrusive TPMs - Rootkits

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott reloaded his shootin' iron and has spyware killers as he filed new claims against Sony BMG. Abbott levied charges of deceptive trade practices for hiding spyware in the disc against the multinational music company.

Sources: CNET | Security Pro News | Techwhack.com | MP3 Newswire | Techtree | VNU Net | CNET | Financial Times

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Canadian Recordable Media Levy to Stay

Categories: CopyrightLegal ReformMedia Levy

The tariff Canadians pay on recordable compact discs and other recordable media to compensate recording companies for loss of music sales will remain in place, unchanged, beyond the deadline of Dec. 31.

Globe and Mail

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Broadcasters to Move to Digital Television by February 17, 2009 Under Senate Bill

Categories: Digital TVLegal Reform

Legislation passed by the Senate would require broadcasters to end their traditional analog transmissions by Feb. 17, 2009, and send their signals digitally. Back to Conference with the House to resolve discrepancies then on to the President’s desk for signing into law.

Sources: Washington Post | ZDNet | San Jose Mercury News | Business Week | Reuters | San Francisco Chronicle | Broadcasting and Cable

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U.S. Digital Switchover on Feb 17, 2009?

Categories: Digital TV

The U.S. House of Representatives approved legislation to complete the country’s phase out of analogue TV with a transition to over-the-air digital television by Feb. 17, 2009. The Senate had previously set the date as April 7, 2009. Onwards to Congressional conference with the Senate.

Sources: Washington Post | Reuters | Information Week | ABC News | CBS News | CNET

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Lyrics Dustup Ends in Apology

Categories: Big Media v InternetBigMedia v NewTechCease & Desist

Warner Chappel Music apologizes for cease and desist letter sent to software programmer to pull the PearLyrics application that displays lyrics when a song is being played in iTunes.

Sources: Wired | Red Herring | The Register | MacWorld | EFF’s Dec 13 Letter to Warner | PearLyrics Website

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My Morning Jacket Burns New CDs for Fans Replacing Sony’s CDs with Rootkits

Categories: Artists Against DRMIntrusive TPMs - Rootkits

Rock Group My Morning Jacket is taking matters in its own hands by providing burned replacement CDs to its fans that had purchased its CDs with Sony's controversial rootkit software.

Sources: MTV | ContactMusic.com | NME | Murmors | Aversion

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Paramount Sues Man for Piracy – But Can’t Find any Evidence

Categories: BigMedia v. P2P UsersCasesWiFi Access

Paramount traces an eDonkey user to a specified IP Address but searches of the user's computers reveal no evidence of piracy. Man claims anyone could have used his unsecured wireless connection to use eDonkey.

Sources: Channel 5 Cincinnati | P2PNet

Note: While this story highlights the potential perils of leaving a WiFi Router open for use by neighbours, leaving an Internet connected WiFi router open to public use may set up an affirmative defence to piracy allegations.

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Cable’s à la Carte About-face

Categories: Big Media Makes ProgressMilestonesNew Business Models

The cable industry’s tough stance against à la carte pricing is crumbling rapidly as more operators say they will support a version of à la carte pricing for families concerned about their children’s access to adult programming.

Red Herring  |  Red Herring (Related Nov. 30 Article)  |  CNet  |  ZDNet  |  Salon.com  |  Business Week  |  Washington Post  |  Reuters  |  Waco Tribune Herold

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Apple’s Next Video on Demand Move

Categories: iVOD/iTVMilestonesNew Tech

How Steve Jobs can put a hammerlock on digital video.


Within 3 months of launch, Apple sold over 3 million TV shows/videos through iTunes.

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Canadian XM & Sirius Satellite Radio Receivers Won’t be Locked Down as earlier Reported

Categories: Big Media Makes ProgressBigMedia v NewTechNew Business ModelsRegion CodingSatellite Radio

Contrary to earlier reports XM & Sirius digital satellite receivers bought in the U.S. will not be locked down in Canada.

Digital Home Canada

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Sirius S50 has been (siriusly) crippled by the RIAA

Categories: BigMedia v NewTechDRM Restricting UseSatellite Radio

Engadget asserts that the Sirius S50, which has a claimed 50 hours of audio storage and scheduled digital recordings, has been cut down in the prime of life by an overbearing RIAA that has limited the player to 20 scheduled recordings, each a maximum length of two hours.

Engadget  |  Mobile Mag

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Sony Launches TV Network Service For PSP

Categories: iVOD/iTVNew Tech

Sony has launched their new Portable TV rental service for owners of the Sony PSP in Japan. Users will be able to download TV shows, music videos and trailers for from $1 to $3 each.

Sources: Engadget  |  Gizmodo  |  MobileWhack

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DMCA Triennial Rulemaking: Failing Consumers Completely

Categories: CopyrightDMCA-like LawsDRM AnalysisPolicy Analysis

In this report the EFF describes why it believes that the third triennial DMCA rulemaking, currently underway before the U.S. Copyright Office, does not effectively address the concerns of American digital media consumers.


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