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TiVo Wins Patent Infringement Case Against Echostar

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– Jury Verdict Form Part 1
– Jury Verdict Form Part 2
After deliberating for about two hours (including a cigarette break), a Texas jury awarded TiVo $73,991,964 in lost profits and royalty damages. The award was less than the $87M TiVo sought. The jurors thought TiVo had not done everything it could to protect its patent. The patent was granted in 2001, but the jurors calculated the damage award starting in January 2, 2002, when TiVo started clearly marking its products with patent notices. As the jury found Echostar willfully infringed, the judge could treble the damage award. Echostar is vowing to appeal. TiVo has said it will next seek an permanent injunction. TiVo will no doubt be seeking license fees from both PVR manufactures such as Moxi, Microsoft, Cisco/Scientific Atlanta, Motorola and NDS, and U.S.-based cable companies using competitive PVRs such as Time Warner, Cox, Charter and Cablevision.

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  • http://www.myspace.com/ballin1129191 ALEX

    thats crazy i have been studying patent infringement in my 5th hour class and all i have to say is….wow! tivo should definatly had stronger patents and its ridiculas!!! excuse me if i dont know how to spell right.
    patents are stupid they only cause conflict, although there are advantages it costs us more money.
    companies will raise the price of their goods and expect us to pay for foreign made goods.
    BUY AMERICAN!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.aminn.org/patent-infringement Patent Infringement


    I have also been reading and studying a lot about Patent Infringements. It's a bit ridiculous a lot of times, and then it gets obnoxious.

    Patents, however, are not stupid. They are out there to protect the basic right to intellect. It's just like saying that no one should be paid for good work. Or not even recognizing the genius of Einstein.