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Help & Features:


  • image_thumb5[1]Fast, Elegant, Accurate, Full-Featured, Yet Easy to Use
  • All Controls on One Screen
  • Calculate Tip Based on Subtotal or Total: Calculate the appropriate tip on either the pre-tax subtotal amount (shown in image on right) or the after tax bill total.
  • Easily Adjust Tip Amount: Slide the ‘Tip %’ slider up and down. The tip and grand total amounts adjust on the fly.
  • Round the Tip: Make it easy for the server to receive their tip. Use the + / – buttons to successively round the tip amount up or down in 25 cent increments (eg: to $12,00, $12.25, $12.50 etc.). The grand total (Total + Tip) amount and effective tip rate indicator adjust on the fly.
  • Round the Grand Total: Alternatively round the grand total (Total + Tip) amount up or down in 25 cent increments. In the example to the right, down to $100.00 even or, say, up to $101.00 even). The tip amount and effective tip rate indicator adjust on the fly.
  • Split the Bill: Use the ‘Split’ slider to split the bill between multiple parties and the applicable per person tip and grand total (Total + Tip) amounts will be shown.
  • PERSONALIZED MULTI-PARTY TIPPING: Pass Fine Tip around to other people in your party so they can bump their personal tip or grand total amounts up or down as they choose.
  • Large Fonts and Buttons: Fonts are large and easy to read. Buttons are easy to push.
  • Crisp, Discrete Interface: Crisp, classic, black and grey color palette allows for discrete use in darkened venues.
  • Accounts for Multiple Tax Rates: Many jurisdictions apply different tax rates to various components of a typical restaurant bill – eg: one tax for alcohol, another for food. Fine Tip does not assume a fixed tax rate when calculating tips based on the pre-tax subtotal.
  • Shake to Clear: Shake your iPhone or press the ‘Clear’ button to clear the calculator.
  • No Ads: Fine Tip is Ad Free. If you don’t mind ads, you can download the free, Fine Tip Lite, version (coming soon).
  • Settings Page:


  • Set ‘Default Tip Percentage’: Use the + / – buttons to set a default tip percentage.
  • Set ‘Tip Slider % Cap’: Use the ‘Tip Slider % Cap’ setting to adjust the ‘Tip %’ slider’s upper limit. The lower your cap the easier it is to accurately set your desired tip level on the ‘Tip %’ slider.
  • Set ‘Tip Based On’ Preference: Set whether your tip is to be calculated based on the pre-tax subtotal or the after-tax total. The subtotal field is removed from the calculator if your tip is to be based on the after-tax total.
  • Preferences Saved: Fine Tip remembers your preferences for future use.
  • Help & Features: Click the ‘Help & Features’ button to show Fine Tip’s Help & Features page.
  • Video Tutorial: Click to watch the Fine Tip video tutorial on YouTube

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